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ThreeBZine turns 50 with Derek Gallanosa of Abnormal Beer Co.!

50 episodes of a podcast is a big deal. For the vast majority of people, there isn’t much in the way of financial recompense for the efforts. It’s all about dedication and passion to make a great show for people to enjoy. That’s what the guys at ThreeBZine have been doing for the past few years and now they have reached the big 5-0. Not only have I been lucky enough to become good friends with both Cody and Dustin, I’ve recently joined the cast of the show, taking their dynamic duo and hopefully turning into and terrific triumvirate…or at least a modern day version of the Three Amigos.


On this special episode, we sit down with Derek Gallanosa, Head Brewer of Abnormal Beer Company, Beer Curator for The Cork and Craft restaurant, and craft beer enthusiast. The conversation covers a lot of fun and interesting ground from the spark that started Derek on his craft beer path, the way he goes about deciding what styles of beer to brew and his thoughts on how best to pair craft beers with a fine dining experience all the while keeping things fun and entertaining. Derek is a genuinely nice person and his passion for craft beer shines in every word he says as well as the beers he makes. During the recording of this episode, we were lucky enough to be among the first people outside of Abnormal Beer Company to try the very fist batches of 5pm Session IPA and Mostra Mocha Stout. Both beers are simply fantastic to drink on their own, but as you will hear in the podcast, they also get paired together with a few tasty treats as well. The episode is also full of exclusive information and exciting news for Abnormal Beer Company.IMG_4822

Please head over to either Three.BZine.com and listen there or download from the iTunes store and listen while you pump iron at the gym. That’s how I roll. 

Congrats to Cody and Dustin to making it number 50, I hope I can continue to be a part of the journey as we now work our way to the big 100.



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Save the date: August 23rd is Beer-Con!

Craft beer is my passion. If you are reading this blog odds are pretty good that it’s your passion as well. One of my favorite things to do here on the website and with my friends out at the bars is to share my knowledge and to hopefully learn new and exciting bits of information and insights into the world of craft beer. Whenever the opportunity arises sit back and listen to a respected member of the craft beer community speak about important issues in the world of craft brewing, I will always jump at the chance to sit in and try to soak up as much knowledge as I can. Luckily for us here in San Diego, there is a wonderful collection of very smart and knowledgeable beer people who can not only be informative but also very entertaining. It also doesn’t hurt that quite a few of them can also make a really nice beer to drink.

This is why I am so excited that on August 23, Beer-Con is back!

If you are not familiar, Beer-Con is a convention that is hosted right here in San Diego for all levels of craft beer lovers, from the newest of novices to the most expert of experts, Beer-Con is where you bring your passion for craft beer and share it with others. But this isn’t simply a gathering of craft beer enthusiasts, this is a convention designed to help you learn more about the world of craft beer and you have an opportunity to engage with the people who create your favorite brews. Panels are designed to help impart knowledge and to allow patrons to ask questions of their own.

This year the fun begins at 10am with a keynote address from the master of craft beer pairings, “Dr.” Bill Sysak, which I can speak from personal experience, should really help set the tone for a fun day. Panelist for this year will include, Doug Constantiner from Societe Brewing, Mike Hess from Hess Brewing, Shawn Dewitt of Coronado Brewing, Tristan Faulk-Webster from Aztec Brewing and many more as you get a full day of information and discussion from some of the best craft beer minds in Southern California. Your ticket will also get you a lunch, provided by MishMash, that gets paired with local craft beers and as if that isn’t enough, when the symposium wraps up, the beer festival starts! From 5pm to 8pm you can sample fine brews from the breweries listed above as well as Rip Current, Latitude 33, ChuckAlek and more!

I should also mention that your ticket entitles you to a free limited special edition t-shirt made by CraftBeerd himself, Rudy Pollorena Jr. It’s pretty badass.

You can also get more details on the event itself from my friends over at Three B Zine, the latest episode of the podcast features Michael Bowen, the creator/organizer of Beer-Con as well as Rudy Pollorena Jr. who talks about what ideas went into the design for the special edition t-shirt. It’s great stuff. You can find that episode right here.

This is not your typical beer festival, this is an excellent opportunity to increase you craft beer knowledge and it just happens to have a beer festival at the end to celebrate a successful day of learning from some of the best around about craft beer. Click here to go directly to the ticket purchasing page.

It’s important that all of our understandings of craft beer continue to grow. It’s vital that as consumers, we amass as much information as we can so that we will continue to make informed choices on how and where we want to spend our money. Smart consumers are what macro breweries are most afraid of. Craft Beer can’t change the world unless we help propel it to the great heights that it deserves to be at. Smart, well-informed consumers are going to be the ones that put macro breweries on notice that their time is done. Beer-Con is here to help make new well-informed consumers and help increase the knowledge of those who are already helping to spread the word. So when you go to beer con on August 23rd, take a person with you who needs that little extra push to be a smart consumer, heck bring two or three who need that push. When craft beer drinkers are legion is when we change to world. The revolution has already started, Beer-Con is here to help grow our army. This is your chance to become a better craft beer advocate as well as help make two or three new ones.

Having said all that, be sure to go and have fun! After all, if you aren’t having fun while drinking craft beer… you are doing it all wrong.



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When Hoptology and Three B Zine met; Next stop: World Domination!

Last week I had the privilege of joining local San Diego craft beer advocate, beer blogger and podcaster Cody Thompson on his excellent Three B Zine podcast, (co-host Dustin Lothspeich was unable to join us that night) which you can find on the Three B Zine website and is conveniently available at the iTunes store and the best part is it’s free! So what is Three B Zine?  Simple, the three B’s stand for Beer, Bands, and Bites, three things that I’m all too happy and have way too much to talk about.

Being asked to be interviewed was very flattering, but very fun. With a format like podcasting where you are sitting across from another person and they are firing questions at you, it definitely keeps you on your toes and forces you to gather your thoughts quickly and spit them out coherently. A task that, for me, is not as easy as it looks. Luckily for me, Cody is very good at what he does as the host of the show and always manages to keep everything on track. He is able to create a casual environment where you just want to sit back and chat with your buddy. It didn’t take too long for me to forget the fact that there was a microphone in the room. The Boo Koo IPA from Mother Earth Brewing probably helped with that.

We had the opportunity to talk not only about our love for craft beer and why we’ve gotten into the world of blogs and podcasts, but we also talked about some topics from the retail side of beer sales as well as a recap of our time at San Diego Comic Con. It was an absolute blast and I hope I’ll get the opportunity to do it again one day.

I am humbly asking that, if you enjoy a good podcast, head over to ThreeBZine.com or find them on the iTunes podcast app and download episode 35, featuring me. Early reports are that I don’t sound like an asshole, so that’s good. But I’m always looking for more validation in life that says I’m not an asshole, so please listen and let me know what you think. Then once you are addicted to the sweet melodious sounds of Cody, peruse their back-episodes and download those as well. There are quite a few gems in the bunch. Thanks, and my fingers are crossed that you don’t think I sound like a douche nozzle.




Geeks vs. Snobs : Breaking it down with Cody from Three B Zine!

I love conversation.

Specifically, I love craft beer conversation.

Rarely have I had more interesting conversations than in the past week since I first broached the topic of Craft Beer Geek vs. Craft Beer Snob. People have a lot of interesting thoughts and ideas on the topic. This is something people want to talk about.

When I first began to write this post I had a completely different idea in mind. I had planned to write my usual style blog but this time I had would include some insightful quotes from my fellow San Diego Beer Bloggers/Personalities. It was going to be epic. Until I checked my email box and saw that they had all written extremely well thought out and expertly written essays on the topic. I attempted to edit them to fit what I was trying to do, but when someone hands you a bucket of gold you don’t put down the bucket and just take what fits in your hand. That is why I will spend the next few days posting their comments in their entirety.

First up is Cody, the founder, President, C.E.O., C.F.O. and Human Resources officer for the awesome website Three B Zine. Three B Zine not only covers the Craft Beer scene here in San Diego, they also talk Bikes and Bands. If that’s not enough the man also finds time for podcasting, which is worth your time to check out. I can’t recommend his site enough – check for the Craft Beer and a Movie Pairing entry.

Here now are Cody’s thoughts on Craft Beer Geek vs. Craft Beer Snob; what’s the difference to you?

“I believe that there is in fact a line between a beer geek and a beer snob. Both the geek and the snob share an obvious passion for craft beer, including in most cases knowledge of style differences, the ability to taste and understand beer and possibly even some ideas on brewing techniques.

The obvious difference that I see is that where the beer geek uses their passion and experience to teach and bring new people into the beer scene, the beer snob uses this to keep people with less experience out of their world as an exclusionary tactic.

The beer geek is passionate and knowledgeable and they tend to use this knowledge and love of the craft to share beer with people around them in hopes of spreading the good word on craft beer and to teach others about their passion. They will speak using terms universally understood and are more welcoming to newcomers in the craft beer world.

The beer snob on the other hand, in some cases, will use this knowledge and experience as a way to keep themselves above people they see are lesser in the beer world in a way of keeping new people out of the area they feel they own. The definition of a snob is, “A person who imitates, cultivates, or slavishly admires social superiors and is condescending or overbearing to others.” In other words, will put down people who they see know less than them and make them feel silly for even trying to join their world.

It is unfortunate that this mindset is so alive and present in our beer community, but it exists in all arenas. In movies, comic books, music and even food “scenes” this activity is very common. What people, geeks and snobs of any specific thing, should understand is that everyone has to start somewhere in their learning experience. The learning experience is what makes it fun and exciting and we as beer people should work to teach and expand the world of craft beer, and not shut people out.”

A big thank you to Cody for taking the time to do this. I love his perspective here. What do you think? Agree or disagree on anything? We’d love to hear it, please share your comments with us. If you want to read more of Cody’s work head over to his site, Three B Zine, take a look and download his podcast! You can also find him @threebzine on Twitter and Cody_ThreeBZine on Instagram.

Next time will hear from Craft Beerd himself, Rudy Pollorena Jr.!



Geek or Snob?

Geek or Snob?