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The Epic Conclusion… Stone Vertical Epic 12-12-12

As promised, I have returned to share my thoughts on Stone’s latest limited release, the 12-12-12 Vertical Epic.

If you aren’t familiar with the series, I won’t bore you to death with a recap of the previous beers…mostly because I wasn’t taking notes on beers back then so we’ll pretend like this is the one and only.

12-12-12 is a dark Belgium style beer. It pours from the bottle in a beautiful near black shade and smells distinctly of fruit and spices. At first taste it threw me off a little, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting but in a very good way. I thought perhaps the favors would be overpowering but instead I found a beer that was surprisingly easy to drink and the favors grew on me very quickly. Cinnamon, nutmeg, orange peel and even some clove were noticeable but well balanced and not distracting to the beer. Oh and I wouldn’t call say its very sweet at all. Almost dry even.

My friend and fellow blogger Megan described the beer like this. “It reminded me of a Christmas Ale, but one that would keep me Vertical since most Christmas Ales, to me, feel like a punch in the face of cloves and other spices. The more I sipped, the more I enjoyed. However, at 9.0%, if I continued drinking this all night, it would eventually have to be renamed Horizontal Epic.”

Yes, that’s right. This bad boy clocks in a 9.0%ABV. It’s currently on draft and available in bottles around San Diego county and around the country.

In conclusion – this is a good beer that I’m very glad I had the opportunity to drink, but I’m sure glad I had a few friends to share the bottle with. I could see this being a dangerous beer…but in all the good ways. Go out and enjoy some of the events happening to coincide with the awesome day on the calendar. While you are out, go have a beer!




12-12-12 The last of the Vertical Epics from Stone

2012-12-12 00.07.24It’s 12.12.12, a pretty cool occurrence in our calanders that won’t be happening again any time soon for most of us. Unless medical science is able to come up with a cure for the pesky death thing.

So I urge you to take a little time out of your day and sample this rare treat from Stone. Perhaps you have plans to attends the big bash that Stone is throwing in honor of the day, in that case take lots of photos to make me jealous.

I will be back later today with a write up of the tasting I held during an impromptu dinner where I just so happened to have a bottle and some beer drinkers with refined palettes over to the house.

In the meantime, enjoy 12.12.12, the date and the beer… The end of the world is right around the corner.