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Geeks vs Snobs : Lets hear from the Beard…Craft Beerd that is.

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Odds are that even if you’ve not yet had the chance to meet the man, you know his art. It adorns the walls of some of San Diego’s finest craft beer bars and breweries. He has a style as unique as the beers that are brewed in America’s Finest City and like the brewers themselves; he is something of a visionary. Rudy Pollorena Jr. is the creator and artist of Craft Beerd where he has blended two of his two passions, graphic design and craft beer, into exceptional pieces of art the showcase the true craft beer spirit of San Diego. Rudy’s designs are truly fantastic images that stick in your brain when you see them. His “2014 Beer Matrix” is just one fine example of the passion he puts into his art. He is also one of the nicest guys you will meet and so I was curious what he thought about our topic of geek vs. snob and here is what he had to say:

“‘Craft Beer Geeks’ are people who have fun with the craft beer culture: from the beer to the people, to many of the craft beer centric events. They are excited about this world and want to share it with everyone.

‘Craft Beer Snobs’ make a point to think they know everything about craft beer, from tasting, to composition, down to the history of beer – always reinforcing that their opinion is ‘right’. They may come off as ‘dicks’, but as long as you’re ready for their archetype, you should be OK. Keep an open ear and a open mind to potential beer speak douchiness.

I’d like to add another category ‘Craft Beer Ambassador/Advocate’ – someone who is an advocate of craft beer culture, makes a point to give praise where praise is due down to the breweries, the people in the industry and will go out of their way to educate others on what they know…and if said ‘Craft Beer Ambassador/Advocate’ doesn’t know something in particular, they will go out of their way to find out…and continue to educate. They are patient with young blood craft beer drinkers, but welcome them with open arms, a smile and a beer.”

I wear my Craft Beerd gear in Belgium so those monks will know what's up!

I wear my Craft Beerd gear in Belgium so those monks will know what’s up!

I think Rudy makes an exceptional point about the snobs; If you know that’s who you are going to run into you can at least prepare yourself. I don’t want to come across like I’m saying that craft beer snobs are horrible people. Aaron Hernandez is a horrible person. OJ Simpson is a horrible person. The Kardashians…. well, you get the point. Craft Beers Snobs are simply misplacing their energy. Energy that could be better spent by taking all the knowledge they do posses to bring people into the club, not to use it as the velvet ropes that keep the masses outside.

Thank you to Rudy for taking the time to contribute to the discussion. You can find him all over San Diego at craft beer festivals and brewery events. Stop by, say hi and buy a t-shirt, print or his new sticker packs. Or if you’re shy, just click on his website, Craftbeerd.com and get your gear shipped right to your house. You can also find him on twitter @craftbeerdSD and craftbeerd on Instagram and Facebook so follow along for info on all the new designs as the Craft Beerd continues to grow!

Rudy also mentioned “Craft Beer Ambassador”, which happens to be a bit of foreshadowing as the next person we will be hearing from is one of the best ambassadors to helping people cross into the world of craft beer drinking that I have ever had the opportunity the meet, Dr. Q from Craft Beer Tasters.

See you then.




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