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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Here we are, Thanksgiving is upon us once again and it’s time see the family and over-indulge in all sorts delicious treats, and that includes all sorts of fun winter specialties the breweries have started churning out.

Being a craft beer drinker/supporter/promoter and home-brewer in San Diego we definitely have a lot to be thankful for and as such I’d like to take a few minutes and name just of the things that craft beer enthusiasts in San Diego should be thankful for, not just for the holiday season but every day of the year.
So, in no particular order…
I’m thankful for… San Diego Breweries – Lets just get this one out of the way right off the bat. We are rapidly closing in on 100 breweries in the county of San Diego. There are so many that naming them all actually makes my brain cry. While the big guys like Stone, Ballast Point and Green Flash tend to get most of the attention one that I’m most thankful for is Societe Brewing. Those guys make great beer and there isn’t one that I don’t love on a shockingly intimate level.
 2013-07-13 17.16.59
I’m thankful for… Craft Beer Bars – When out of town friends come to town and want to head out for a night of drinking, they are always surprised that we don’t head downtown or to Pacific Beach. Bottom line, over in those parts of town it’s amateur hour and as I’ve gotten older I no longer suffer fools lightly. The guys are very macho and want to fight.The girls are just over the line from being high class hookers. Instead we can go to North Park, or South Park or Normal Heights and a nice selection of other neighborhoods as well. Craft Beer bars are typically frequented by people who are just out having fun and know how to handle themselves when they get a little sloppy (It happen to the best of us) I can’t even remember the last time I saw a fight break out at Small Bar or Toronado or Hamilton’s. These bars have a great atmosphere about them and they aren’t filled with douch bags who are trying to slip roofies in to girls drinks. So that a bonus for all the ladies.
 2012-09-01 14.09.48
I’m thankful for… Bottle shops – Maybe the bar scene isn’t for you, you’d rather spend your night at home sitting on the patio and relaxing with friends in the comfort of your own home where bathroom lines tend to be much shorter. This is why we are thankful to have such a  great selection of bottles shops as we do here in San Diego. Bottlecraft, Clem’s and Bine & Vine are just a few examples of truly outstanding shops where you can find a wide array of beers and styles from all over the world. The people in the shops are friendly, knowledgeable and make it really hard to find a bottle that won’t satisfy your refined palate.
I’m thankful for… Our local Homebrew supply stores. I’ve only been brewing beer for 6 months or so but it has quickly become something that I’m passionate about. While it’s great that there are a lot of local shops where I can find all ingredients and equipment a I need for making beer what I have enjoyed the most is getting to chat with the people who work in the stores and picking their brains for insights and their experience. The Homebrewer shop in North Park is quickly becoming a favorite.
I’m thankful for… All the really great people I’ve met and interacted with because of my blog and social media.
And finally,
I’m thankful for… my drinking buddies. I guess I can also call them my friends. Yes, this is completely sappy and mushy but that is what the holidays are for. I run with a great group of people and we tend to have way more fun than most people our ages usually do.  They are the best.
So let all go eat a ton of food and heed the wisdom of the great Louis C.K.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Author: hoptologysd31

Beer lover living the dream in San Diego, CA. I'm always looking to find great beers in places where I'd least expect them.

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