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OB Noodle House – A gem of a bar and the food is great too!

I like soup. I really do. It’s one of those food items that I sometimes get a craving for and can eat it all day long. Chicken noodle, cream of potato, tomato, clam chowder maybe even a nice lobster bisque if I’m feeling fancy. But for reasons that I can only assume are based on preconceived notions, I never really had much interest in ever going out and trying pho. That dish just so happens to be the specialty at OB Noodle House, a place of which I’ve heard good things about for years but in times past when I would make an attempt to dine there I would quickly be defeated by the incredible long lines and wait times.

Emphasis on bar!

Emphasis on bar!

Well, I can say with all certainty, ‘that was stupid of me’. Everything that hit our table was instantly gobbled up by our party and met with rave reviews from all around. You can now consider me among the converted, pho is great and they have a pretty extensive menu of other noodle based dishes that I will hazard a guess and say are pretty delicious as well. In case you are wondering, I ordered the OB Special (XL) (as a former resident of Ocean Beach I felt obliged) that comes with rare streak, well done steak, brisket, flank and tripe. It was more than filling and pretty impressive as well.

That is a whole lot of meat!

That is a whole lot of meat!

But I’m not here to talk about the high quality food they serve up, I’ll leave the restaurant reviews to my friend Megan over at monkeybreadandsweetpea.com. Nope, I’m going to tell you about one of the most impressive rotating draft lists I’ve seen at a restaurant in a very long time.

The bar at OB Noodle house is legit. On the night of my visit I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but what I got blew the top of my head straight through the roof. As we rounded the corner to our table adjacent to the bar and I saw the large pink Delirium elephant, I dared to dream that maybe, just maybe, this bar was going to have a decent selection. When the bartender placed the draft list in front of me, a single tear rolled down my cheek. It was magnificent.

Aside from Delirium Tremens, you could find such delight as Petrus aged pale xtra sour, Gulden Draak Belgian Triple, Double Dog Imperial IPA on Niro, Lambic Peche Fruit Beir, St. Louis Gueze xtra sour, Avery “Czar Russian Imperial stout”, The Bruery “Autem Maple”, Dogfish Head 60 & 90 minute IPA, Cuvee De Jacobins Rouge Sour, Uinta Hop Notch IPA, Stone’s 17th Anniversary IPA, oh and a little favorite of mine known as Blind Pig from Russian River.

Blind Pig pairs well with pho

Blind Pig pairs well with pho

That’s just a fraction, they have 40 taps of awesome at this place and if the beer isn’t enough for you they also have sake, of which we saw several table doing sake bombs…of which I have retired from since after my last experience I’m pretty sure I talked to Jesus…or a homeless guy in an ally. It’s very fuzzy.

The place has a great energy and vibe to it. From the lighting to the music and martial arts movies playing silently on the giant TV behind the bar, this place is a really good time.

One of these day I’ll sit down and write more about the underrated craft beer scene in Ocean Beach, but until that day do yourself a favor and check out the offering from OB Noodle House. Go for the noodles and stay for the beers…or go for the beers and stay for the noodles. Either way you’re going to be more than happy with your choice.

OB Noodle House is located at 2218 Cable St San Diego, CA 92107. Reservation for groups of 8 or more are available after 6pm. Also look out for great happy hour deals every day of the week.



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Say Hi to your Mother for me.

I’m going to spoil my own blog by telling you what I think right off the bat, Mother Earth Brewing is great. It has quickly become one of my favorite of the newer brewers that have joined the impressive list of San Diego breweries in the past couple of years. However, there is a slight problem. I have no one to blame for this but myself, I just don’t live close enough. Mother Earth Brewing is located in Vista, California which is a not-insignificant drive from where I live in Mission Valley. This is the same hindrance that I typically encounter when it comes to having the opportunity to check out any one of the great brewers located in the North Country area of San Diego.

Word to your Mother.

Word to your Mother.

However, when life gives you lemons, you just go out and find friends who live closer for you.
My good friend and home brewing partner just so happens to live in Escondido. We use his house as our base of operation when we are making beer and we have also been using Mother Earth Brewing’s homebrew supply store located in the heart of Vista on  Main Street. This has given me ample opportunity to check out the taproom located conveniently next door.
Depending on what our particular brewing goals for the day were, this would determine if we stayed for a draft or grabbed a few bottles or maybe a growler to go. This has lead to finding several exception IPA’s. Kismet, Auld Knucker, Thibodo (named for the street where the original brewery is), Hop Diggity IIPA and Big Mother IIIPA.
The Hop Diggity, an 8.2%ABV double IPA, has an impressive hops aroma from the moment you crack it open. Very light gold, almost pilsner-esque in color with nice clarity. The main hops used in this brew is Warrior, which gives it some distinctions from other double IPA’s and the flavors sort of rolls around along the contours of your tongue. I recommend giving this beer a try at your earliest opportunity.

2013-06-30 11.33.37-1


Another beer that stands out equally as well is the Big Mother tripe IPA. Brewed to celebrate their 3rd anniversary, this monster clocks in with an impressive 10.5%ABV that doesn’t overwhelm the palette. My main issue with many IIIPA’s is that fine line where the alcohol starts to overpower the beer flavors. The Big Mother sits on the right side of that line and a tasty beer is the result. The hops that hit your nose are bold and you get a rich golden color from the pour, the beer presents very well. This beer isn’t currently in production but I have a feeling you will see it again somewhere down the line. Or just be on the lookout for a new triple IPA from these guys.
2013-08-23 21.49.51

Aside from the excellent beers available at the brewery and the tap house, I’d also like to say that the homebrew store is pretty exceptional as well. An excellent selection of grains, malts, White Labs yeast, hops and a database that can help you reconstruct any of the beers that Mother Earth makes. Staffed by friendly and knowledgeable people they even offer free classes on the weekend for home brewers of every level. I highly recommend stopping by if you are in the area.

Mother Earth Brewing is well worth your time to try out, and not just for IPA’s. Go and tryout the Cali Creamin’, a vanilla cream ale, or the I.R.A., Irish Red Ale.
The Homebrew Store and Tap house are located at 204 & 206 Main Street Vista, CA 92084 you can visit the brewery at 2055 Thibodo Road Ste H Vista, CA 92081