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The URGE for some Maui Brewing!

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This past Thursday was an excellent excuse to head to one of my favorite places in San Diego – URGE Gastropub. If you’ve not had the opportunity to go, I can’t recommend the food enough, it’s pretty fantastic every time I’ve had the pleasure of dining there. So what’s the reason I’d venture out on Thursday night? Urge decided to host a Maui Brewing Glass night complete with island style dishes of Kalua Pig and my personal favorite, Loco Moco.

The Loco Moco was fantastic but I was so excited to shove as much of it in my mouth as possible as quickly as possible, the thought of taking a picture never even entered my brain. Live and learn I suppose.

So we can skip over those wonderfully tasty details and get right down to business. Beer.

The Maui glass is fantastic, it has the shape of a can which only adds to the fun of drinking Maui beers out of it. So the first beer is one of my staples, the Big Swell IPA. At 6.8%ABV this is a dry hop explosion that serves as an excellent opening number to some of the more rare and unique beers that Maui provided for the event including the excellent Freight Train IPA, which is a 7.5%ABV which has distinct notes of Chinook, Citra and Simcoe hops, which are wrapped up in a wonderful mix of hops aromas offset with a really nice malt base.


Also of note at the event was Old Chinwig on Bourbon – An 8.1%ABV English style strong ale that hold some nice hops characteristics along with the solid malt that is typical of the style. The alcohol flavor is very nice, a carry over from the 13 months spent aging in a Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel. The menu described it as ‘winter warmer’ and I’d say its hard to disagree with that assessment.

Next up was the Barrel Aged Red Cock Doppelbock, which aside from being really fun to say, is a very good beer. 8.5%ABV it has a reddish color with a chocolate and cherry aroma coming off the top. Since its a bock we can expect some hops flavor with a rich Caramel malt flavor that when added to the 13 months spent in a Woodinville Whiskey Barrel really creates a unique flavor that even my brother, the whiskey lover, would have to appreciate.


All these beers combined with an awesome plate of Loco Moco made for one hell of an evening. The good people at URGE Gastropub really know what they are doing in the kitchen. They are also a true haven for craft beer enthusiasts. Living in Mission Valley, I don’t get to make up there as often as I would like, but when I do it always lives up to the very high expectations they have set for themselves. It’s also a real treat getting to drink some of the excellent beers from Maui Brewing, hopefully I’ll have the chance to do some more of that at their brewery on my next visit to Maui, fingers crossed!

URGE American Gastropub is located at 16761 Bernardo Center Dr, San Diego, CA 92128.
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Beer lover living the dream in San Diego, CA. I'm always looking to find great beers in places where I'd least expect them.

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