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Happy Birthday to me!

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These past few weeks have been pretty hectic. I’m finishing up my first semester back in school and that has dominated much of my time as my final exams finish up today and tomorrow. My school work has taken up so much time that I didn’t even notice the birthday of this blog was only a few short days ago.

Happy Birthday HoptologySD!

It’s been a very fun year and I’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to check out the site, even if you didn’t like it, I’m happy you stopped by. Incidentally, I do hope everyone has liked it, I’m insecure like that.

Hopefully you see me getting better at this with each post. I’ve learned some important lessons, such as-

1) Just because spellcheck didn’t find it doesn’t mean you spelled the right word.

2) Easy with the comma splices big guy.

3) Always write the 1st draft in gmail because WordPress can and will drop the ball.

4) Never publish the blog you wrote while drinking anything over an 8.5%ABV

4a) This also goes for flights you are drinking on an empty stomach.

5) Make sure you are having fun because nobody wants to read about a guy bitching about shit no one cares about.

Again, thanks to everyone for their support this past year and to all the cool new people I’ve meet via social media because of this site. I hope we can all grab a cold beer this summer together.

I’ve mentioned before but there are some things in the works for down the road and I can’t wait to share it with all my friends here. Please keep checking back, I promise to keep doing good work for everyone to enjoy. Blog production will be ramped up this summer and I hope to see as many people around town I possible. Remember, craft beer can change the world.

Thank you!




Author: hoptologysd31

Beer lover living the dream in San Diego, CA. I'm always looking to find great beers in places where I'd least expect them.

One thought on “Happy Birthday to me!

  1. Happy birthday hoptologysd! Cheers!

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