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Seeing Double…Bastards.

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I feel like I’ve been spending quite a bit of time recently sharing with you a lot of beers from the good folks at Stone Brewing, well, here is another one.

The 2012 release of Double Bastard.


As always, this beer is categorized as an American Strong Ale. This year the bastard brings an 11.2% ABV in a 22oz bottle and if you are planning to drink this by yourself you may want to cancel plans for later in the day. It’s not for the feint of heart! I’d also like to stat for the record that I poured mine into a 22oz pilsner glass. Would you like to know why? Because I’m a grown ass man and that’s how I roll.

Opening the bottle you get great nose of maltiness with hint of bread from the yeast right off the bottle. It pours a nice copper color into the chilled glass and it looks fantastic. I let it sit there for all of four seconds before I moved to take the first sip. You get a strong malt flavor upfront, but not sweet at all, the hops are added to wash that all out and give it what I can best describe as an aggressive flavor. This is Stone we’re talking about so aggressive is pretty much the name of the game. If you are not prepared to be punched in your palette, go get something else. You may also detect some spices and and a boozyness that isnt overpowering.

As usual, this is a beer from Stone that shows their continued commitment to excellence. Like the bottle says, this is a beer not to be wasted on the weak.

Go get yourself a bottle or two.



Author: hoptologysd31

Beer lover living the dream in San Diego, CA. I'm always looking to find great beers in places where I'd least expect them.

One thought on “Seeing Double…Bastards.

  1. I’d like to try this beer. I’m up for the challenge! I’m not sure if pete could handle this though. Haha!

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