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The Great Hunt part 1: Beer in wine country? Or Rome…if you want to.

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Italy is a country known for wine.

That doesn’t mean, however, that beer isn’t around. The problem, really, is the quality of the beer that you are able to find most easily. Let the hunt begin!

The first leg of our honeymoon took us to Rome. Flying in on Alitalia, I can honestly tell you, was one of the worst flights of my life. A back injury that had been manageable prior to the flight became unrelenting torture once we were on the ground. To top that off, if you have never experienced the “WTF” thought pattern as you watch the luggage carousel spin past you over and over again without seeing your luggage…well, I am jealous of you. Somehow our baggage did not make the connecting flight from JFK in New York. I suspect it had something to do with the pilot attempting to leave the terminal early. Jackass. So we had to dash across the airport to even make the flight only to ultimately end up sitting on the runway for 40 minutes.

Off to a bad start.

Once we get to the hotel we decide we need to work on our lack of cloths and bathroom supplies. It pretty much takes all day. As we are walking back to out hotel, walking was a challenge due to the back pain I was experiencing, we popped into a small liquor store where they insisted on giving us free shots of a popular Italian drink called “lemoncella”. I thought it was a little like drinking Pledge. No idea why this beverage is so popular in Italy.

I don’t really like Peroni. Yes, I said it. I just find it to be a poor beer. So we grab a couple of bottles of Moretti and Nastro Azzurro. These beers aren’t great either. In fact, they kind of suck. Just boring, flavorless beers. Its was disappointing but honestly not very surprising.

Now I’d like to state for the record, I came to Rome prepared. I had done my research using Beeradvocate.com and had managed to gather a list of about four pubs known for their excellent beer selection.

Sadly, I never got anywhere near these bars. Our time in Rome was very structured and factoring in the incredible back pain I was suffering through that kept me incredibly limited and not very mobile. It was frustrating for me because I was looking forward to checking out those spots.

Now, that’s not to say that I didn’t manage to find a pub. There are a couple Irish Pub around and we found one owned by a very nice lady who moved to Italy from Scottland. The tap selection wasn’t anything crazy, but it was my first opportunity to try Tennent’s Scotch Ale. I liked it quite a bit. This was our last night in Rome, so it was very nice to find a few beers at least.

I honestly struck out in Rome as far as I’m concerned. Not making it to the bar’s that I had researched was just bad luck.  I will have to take the blame for not finding great beers in Rome. Now Florence on the other hand…

Stay tuned for part 2 where we head to Florence and maybe make a few neat discovery’s.



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