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Taking the show on the road!


If you didn’t know already, Friday was the kickoff for San Diego Beer Week 12

It’s a pretty joyous occasion around town filled with all sorts of fun events and unique opportunities to sample limited edition beer or fancy beer pairings!

Well, I decided to do something really crazy to celebrate this year, I went and got married.

So now here I am, getting ready to fly around the world and take my shenanigans international.

But I can’t just leave my blog out in the cold, tied to a tree and in a puddle of mud. Nope, that’s when you call in some back-up!

My very good friend, fellow blogger and a supreme Hop-head in her own right, Megan, of the outstanding blog Monkeybreadandsweetpea , will be covering for me.

Megan’s taste in beers is pretty similar to mine, but with her culinary background, I believe she will bring some new insights to this beer blog. Hopefully when I get back she won’t mind give me the keys back.

I have intentions of updating the blog while on the road, but we all know what they say about good intentions…

With luck, I’ll get some updates from the road for everyone and show what strange new beers I come across in my travels but in the meantime I leave you all in very good hands with Megan!





Author: hoptologysd31

Beer lover living the dream in San Diego, CA. I'm always looking to find great beers in places where I'd least expect them.

2 thoughts on “Taking the show on the road!

  1. Have an awesome trip! We can’t wait to here some stories when you guys get back!

  2. Oi, you’ve only heard the tip of the iceberg!

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