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Living large at Small Bar

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After what could, in an understated way, be called a frustrating day at the office on Wednesday, I decided beer would be my remedy. And since I had a quick errand to run in the area, I knew the best place to get the liquid solution to my problems would be Small Bar.

Now Small Bar may indeed be a small bar but it has a large and impressive tap list. 41 handles of delight in a glass and it’s all right at your fingertips.

On this night, I chose Small Bar so I could sample (by sample I mean consume a lot) the Time to Panic Pale Ale from Ballast Point. I had yet to have this beer and was eager to give it a go. I found it to be quite the refreshing beer for putting a hard day in the coal mines behind me. You know, if we had coal mines in Southern California. This beer is a 6.2% ABV so it’s not super light but it’s not going to kick you in the ass too hard either. It has a great golden color with a light, frothy head. Another perfectly enjoyable beer by the gang over at Ballast Point.

I was sorely tempted to keep ordering that beer but when you have 41 taps available to you why would you limit yourself to just one? So I started to zig-zag my way across the giant chalk board behind the bar. I’d cut-in and then out, I’d hook and leap and spin my way all over that board before I realized that hey – It’s only Wednesday!

That’s the kind of place Small Bar is – having a good time and thinking that the weekend is here already wasn’t a big leap for me. The decor is dark on the inside, but I get a cozy vibe when I’m there. They have a patio area outside along the sidewalk, if that’s more your style. The whole black and red color scheme is a personal favorite.

If for some crazy reason you aren’t feeling the beer scene, they also have plenty of liquor on board. The mules are insanely popular over there. I’ve also found the majority of the staff to be very nice as well.

One thing I can’t brag about is the food. But that’s only because I’ve not eaten there yet. Some of the dishes I’ve seen brought out of the kitchen, however, looked and smelled fantastic.

Let me also mention one of my favorite parts about Small Bar – they have great prices! These guys are offering some of the best beers around and they aren’t jacking the prices up like some spots around town are known to do. Their sister bar, Hamilton’s, in South Park, has the same practice and is something that I truly appreciate. Besides, if you cheap the prices down, I’m likely to stay longer and spend more… just an FYI.

So when you’re in the area I do recommend swinging by and checking out Small Bar. It can get crowded there, so if that not the experience you want, pick the time of day you go carefully. Otherwise, go big at Small Bar.

Small Bar is located at
4628 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92116

It’s in the University Heights neighborhood, just south of Adams Ave. Check their website for a list of what currently on draft.

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Author: hoptologysd31

Beer lover living the dream in San Diego, CA. I'm always looking to find great beers in places where I'd least expect them.

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