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IPA Day is today.

August 2nd 2012

My understanding of this momentous day is that all lovers of craft beer take time out of their day and make a public declaration for their love of craft beer and specifically, their love of the hoppy wonderfulness known as the IPA. Get your favorite IPA in hand and spread the word. Get crazy on the Twitter, the Facebook or whatever your social media preference is and declare your love. Highlight you favorite brews, highlight the awesome bars that serve it, hell highlight the bad-ass IPA that YOU made in your garage! Show your love and own it.

I love IPAs!

They are an amazing burst of flavors that make your tongue come alive and your soul sing a song of delight.

I’d love to say that I knew at first sip, that IPA’s and I were meant to be together, that our souls were intertwined and fate of the galaxy rested on our shoulders…wait, that last part was Star Wars. You know what I mean, right?

Going from a guy who drank nothing but Miller and Bud (hereby referred to as “waste of my time”) to a Stone IPA was something of a rude awakening to the potential of what real beer should taste like and what I’d been missing out on. It didn’t happen overnight, but I got the bug, and it made me want to cultivate a better beer palate. Found some good ones, found some bad ones, and then I started to find the remarkable ones. It might be hyperbole, but it was a life changer, at least as far as my drinking life was concerned. All of a sudden I wanted to know more about beer, how it was made, where did these wild flavors come from? It’s been a real treat for me, and being in San Diego has made it all the more special to me since this is my hometown. We may not win a World Series any time soon, but dammit we can brew the hell out of most towns in the country. There is a lot more to my intro to the craft beer world, but this isn’t about me today. Today is all about IPA.

Three letters that are indicative of the high standards that brewers hold themselves to.

I plan on going out tonight and having a couple of IPA’s with friends who will also be taking part in this wonderful event. Whether you’re at home, or at the bar or maybe bored at work. Take a minute and tell the world what IPA would make your day. From Ballast Point to Deschutes, Foundry to Dogfish Head, make IPA Day yours!

Suck on that Arbor Day!


It’s Sculpin time!

Author: hoptologysd31

Beer lover living the dream in San Diego, CA. I'm always looking to find great beers in places where I'd least expect them.

One thought on “IPA Day! YAY!

  1. Is it bad if I have a glass of wine? haha Just kidding!!

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